Horseshoe Hearts©    

        by SilverJack IronWorks                                   


   In 1990, longtime Nevada artist Bill Rountree created the first 

"Horseshoe Heart." ©
By combining the lucky horseshoe and the loving symbol of the heart, he created a new dual symbol...

  Luck & Love
... two things of which we can never have enough.

Crafted from real St. Croix horseshoes, Horseshoe Hearts are a great gift for:

• Weddings
• Anniversaries
• Valentine's Day
• Housewarmings
• Birthdays

Anytime you want to say, "I Love You!" or "Thank You!"

They are lovely decorative items for inside or out and may be decorated in many different ways, and changed seasonally.

 The hearts do not come decorated.
We have provided pictures of a few decorating ideas : with feathers and beads, with dried flowers and one with a real red rose. Go to Get Creative page.

$24.95 + Shipping
    Horses have played an important role throughout the history of the West. From Welsh ponies to Percherons, Thoroughbreds to Quarter Horses, their power and agility, their work, is made possible by an elegantly simple device - the horseshoe.
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